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The 96-cell high-efficiency HIT® N315 solar panel provides your home with a powerful combination of immediate energy savings, long term performance, and sleek beauty. A remarkably low temperature coefficient of -0.258%/°C helps generate greater electricity output even on the hottest days. Panasonic home solar panels are backed by our industry-leading parts and performance warranty that guarantees minimum power output of 90.76% after 25 years.


  • Pyramid cell structure design for optimal sunlight capture

  • Low temperature coefficient of -0.258%/°C produces higher power output at high temperatures

  • Heterojunction technology with ultra-thin amorphous silicon layers reduce electron loss

  • Water drainage frame design prevents rain accumulation, eliminates water stains from panel surface

  • Complete 25-year warranty on linear power output, parts, and product workmanship

Panasonic N330 - 330W High Efficiency Photovoltaic Module HIT

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